The I.B.AHC Biological Bank  contains the biological samples (DNA, RNA and Cellular Lines) of the enrolled patients and the biological samples (only DNA) of both their parents.


The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) used for the collecting, the processing and the keeping of the biological material, defined by the Responsible of the Biobank, are available at this link.





In the documentation area, the treating physicians can find the forms to fill and enclose to the blood drawings of their patients to send to the Biobank.


In the documentation area,  the authorized users (physicians and researchers) can find the forms to  fill  and send to the Responsible of the Biobank in order to obtain the requested material.

The authorized users directly contact the Responsible of the Biobank to agree on the modalities for the invoice of the requested material.





The current Responsible of the I.B.AHC Biobank is


Dr Maria Teresa Bassi

Laboratory of Molecular Genetics 

 IRCSS Istitute "E.Medea", Bosisio Parini (LC)