The on-line Clinical Registry is composed of a number of web-pages, corresponding to the organization of the data into clinical categories: each page contains several fields that must be filled by the treating physician. 


Also a questionnaire is available for the clinical data enter, with the two MS WORD or MS EXCEL formats, organized in the same categories as the web-pages, and with the same fields.






After being enrolled, and after being confirmed about the enrolment of their patients, the treating physicians can begin to enter the data in the I.B.AHC Clinical Registry.


For this activity, the physicians can rely on the  support of one of the Data Managers of the I.B.AHC Clinical Registry, assigned to them by A.I.S.EA at the enrolment.


The data enter can be realized in two ways:

  1. filling of the questionnaire, identified by the CID of the patient, and sending to the assigned Data Manager, that transfers the filled data into the Registry, or
  2. login to the on-line Registry, with the username and the password assigned by A.I.S.EA at the enrolment,  filling of the fields in the web-pages and direct submission to the Registry. 

The video-photographic documentation must be invoiced on a CD to the assigned Data Manager, who will enter it in the Registry.


Also the organization of a joint data-collection/updating session is possible, in collaboration between the treating physician and the Data Manager, if possible during a regular examination already scheduled for the patient.


After completing the first data enter for his/her patient, the treating physician can apply to the assigned Data Manager for the validation of the diagnosis. The Data Manager will schedule the presentation of the patient  in the agenda of the next I.B.AHC video-session for the diagnosis validation.


After the validation of the diagnosis, the treating physician can insert new follow-up data for his/her patient at any time in the Registry.


In the documentation area, the following documents are available: the questionnaire, in both formats, with the filling instructions, and the User Manual for the data enter in the on-line Registry.


Furthermore, for any doubt or need of further information, the treating physicians can always refer to the assigned I.B.AHC Data Manager.