I.B.AHC - Biobank and Clinical Registry for Alternating Hemiplegia is a project funded and coordinated by  A.I.S.EA Onlus - Associazione Italiana per la Sindrome di Emiplegia Alternante, the Italian Patient Association for AHC.


A.I.S.EA Onlus gathers the person affected by Alternating Hemiplegia (AHC), their families and the friends willing to give their contribution in the struggle against this rare disease.  


The objectives of A.I.S.EA Onlus are to:

  1. inform and positively support the persons affected by Alternating Hemiplegia and their families;
  2. raise the awareness and disseminate the information on the disease among the physicians, the health and social operators, the institutions and the public; 
  3. develop and support the research for an effective treatment.


The patients affected by Alternating Hemiplegia willing to contribute personally to the development of the research of an effective treatment for their disease, can register to this portal to participate to the I.B.AHC project.


The patients  can also contact  A.I.S.EA Onlus info@aiseaonlus.org  in order to:

  1. get in touch with other families and persons affected by AHC, to share their experiences and to support each other; 
  2. receive updated information about the disease, about the reference care and diagnostic centers, about the current research and studies;
  3. contribute to the dissemination of the information about AHC and support the initiatives of the association.

In order to better know the association, its families and its activities, please visit the A.I.S.EA website at  www.aiseaonlus.org