To utilize the content of the Clinical Registry or of the Biological Bank, any interested user (applicant) must first apply to A.I.S.EA Onlus for the authorization, by filling and signing a Usage Request Form.

The modalities to send the signed Usage Request are written in the Form.


The Usage Request will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of A.I.S.EA: on the basis of this evaluation, A.I.S.EA will decide about the authorization to the usage and will notify the final decision to the applicant  within the following 30 days from the date of presentation of the Usage Request.


After being authorized by A.I.S.EA Onlus, the applicant can connect to the Clinical Registry or use the biological material from the Biobank, for only the duration time specified in the Usage Request Form.


To have access to the video-photographic documentation, only for viewing inside the Registry, a second-level authorization is necessary, granted by A.I.S.EA Onlus on the basis of more binding conditions about the privacy of the patients and the confidentiality of this kind of information.


Before accessing the Biobank or the Clinical Registry, the authorized users must sign an agreement (MDTA Material and Data Transfer Agreement), thus committing themselves to the respect of all conditions listed in the Usage Request Form.





All the related forms are downloadable from the documentation area: the Usage Request Form for the I.B.AHC Clinical Registry, the Usage Request Form for the I.B.AHC Biobank and a template of the Material and Data Transfer Agreement.


For any further information, please contact  A.I.S.EA Onlus